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Hospital Purification Equipment

The improvement of air quality in health-care settings is a vital constituent of modern airborne hygiene procedures. It is also of importance with regard to occupational health & safety requirements in medical institutions. But, improved air quality not only helps to provide a healthier and more pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors, it also makes economic sense due to its relevance as a preventative infection control measure.


VIRUS MOLD Allergy HEPA Carbon UV Purifiers


The air quality requirements in health-care settings vary from department to department and often even from room to room. Some areas will require high-efficiency filtration of airborne micro-organisms to protect patients, staff and visitors (e.g. in operation suites, ICUs, TB isolation rooms), whereas other areas require the filtration of gaseous contaminants, chemicals and odors to provide a safer and more pleasant working environment (e.g. in laboratories, autopsy rooms, dental surgeries and pharmacies).

Control of airborne micro-organisms (airborne infection control)
The control of airborne micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungal spores) is of major importance in medical settings due to the fact that a great number of diseases and infections are caused by airborne pathogens and are transmitted via the air.

Hospital acquired infections
Of particular concern are nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections. They can have serious consequences in terms of increased patient mortality, morbidity, length of hospital stay and overall costs. Especially immuno-compromised patients (such as organ & bone-marrow transplant recipients, oncology and hematology patients) are at risk as their immune systems are more vulnerable to infectious pathogens such as aspergillus.

The CDC recommend that only HEPA filters that have "a demonstrated and documented minimum removal efficiency of 99.97% of particles = 0.3 Ķm in diameter", should be used for infection control purposes.

Control of chemical compound & odors
By Filtration of ambient air
By creation of pressure differentials
Containment of chemical compounds & unpleasant odors (negative pressure areas)
By source capture
Filtration of chemical compounds & unpleasant odors at their source


Thanks to their decentralized nature, patented modular design and unique adaptability,  cover a broad spectrum of applications in health-care facilities.

    . Ante rooms
    . Bone marrow transplant units
    . Burn units
    . Computer and data storage areas
    . Critical-care facilities
    . Dental areas
    . Emergency rooms
    . Filtered fresh air ventilation
    . General air cleansing
    . Geriatric and elderly care units
    . Hematology
    . ICUs
    . Laser surgery fume and odour control
    . Microbiology labs
    . Neonatal intensive care units
    . Odour sensitive areas
    . Oncology wards
    . Operation theatres
    . Organ transplant wards
    . Pathology theatres
    . Pediatric isolation rooms
    . Pharmacies
    . Respiratory sensitivities and dusty areas
    . Smoking areas
    . TB-isolation wards and ante rooms
    . Toilet facilities


ICan be used in a number of different ways to help provide the most appropriate air cleaning solution for the specific application at hand:

Filtration by recirculation
Repeatedly drawing ambient room air through a floor or wall mounted thus removing airborne micro-organisms with each passing of the air through the filters.

Creating Pressure Differences
The strategy of recirculating room air through a high-efficiency filter can be further enhanced by creating and maintaining positive or negative pressure differences between adjacent spaces and the patient's room, preventing airflow from a contaminated space to a non-contaminated space.

Positive pressure
In the case of immunocompromised individuals, the patient should be placed in a room with a higher (i.e. positive) air pressure, thus limiting the flow of contaminated air into the patient's room.

Negative Pressure
On the other hand, when a patient carries a contagious disease that may be transmitted through the air, such as M. tuberculosis, the opposite strategy (i.e. negative pressure), should be adopted to prevent contaminants from spreading beyond the patient's room.

Source capture

VIRUS MOLD Allergy HEPA Carbon UV Purifiers

Filter contaminants at their point of origin, thus capturing the pollutants before they are dispersed into the ambient room air.

ALLERGY PURIFIERS LLC offers Air Purification Equipment for Filtration of virus, microorganisms, VOCís. Critical particle control for medical infection control units, TB, H1N1 virus isolation rooms, cleanrooms, and personal use. Medical grade HEPA carbon filters; air purifiers for allergies, asthma, MCS and odors.

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AllerAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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