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Asthma Relief, VOC, VIRUS, Chemical and Odor Removal.

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Thermal Applications include:


Benefits of using an AirSep Oxygen System for Thermal Applications:

  • A hotter, cleaner burning flame
  • Minimizes fuel consumption
  • Improves overall combustion efficiency, reducing the amount of waste gas generated
  • Speeds the production or results of associated processes


High purity systems are available for this application & primarily suited for high quality cutting applications

Glass Blowing, Manufacturing, & Polishing

In glass blowing or manufacturing, oxygen is mixed with a fuel gas in a torch to produce a high temperature flame that allows glass to be worked or molded in a molten or near molten state
In glass polishing, finishing operations like annealing, edge finishing, & deburring require extensive use of oxygen-enriched open flame gas burners

Glass Blowing, Manufacturing, & Polishing Applications include:

  • Glass artisans
  • Scientific glass blowing
  • X-ray tube manufacturers
  • Neon glass firms
  • Specialty light bulbs
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Trinket & novelty item manufacturers

Brazing & Soldering

These are open flame processes in which a fuel gas is mixed with relatively low pressure oxygen in a torch
The resulting high temperature flame is directed at the metal pieces to be joined
A bonding (filler) material that has a lower melting point is then introduced to join the pieces together

Brazing & Soldering Applications include:

  • Jewelry assembly & repair
  • Radiator manufacturers
  • Auto radiator repair facilities
  • Refrigeration manufacturers
  • Gas & water tank assemblers
  • Surgical & musical instrument manufacturers
  • Bicycle & wheelchair manufacturers
  • Metal furniture & ornamental iron work fabricators
  • Carbide saw blade manufacturers

Metal & Flame Spraying

Oxygen is introduced into a special torch that “coats” a base material with a similar or different material in a vaporized, super-heated state

Metal & Flame Spraying Applications include:

  • Heating & electrode element manufacturers
  • Mold repair facilities (glass)
  • Machine shops
  • Quarries

Torch Cutting & Welding

This is another open flame processes in which a fuel gas is mixed with relatively high pressure oxygen in a torch
The resulting high temperature flame is directed at the metal pieces to be joined or cut apart
In welding, a bonding (filler) material that has a lower melting point is used to join the pieces together

Torch Cutting & Welding Applications include:

Furnace & Burner Enrichment:

Oxygen is blended with the fuel stream entering a furnace, kiln, or oven to heat generally large amounts of metal or glass to a molten or near molten state so they can be worked or formed
Oxygen is added to the air-fuel combustion stream to increase the oxygen level to approximately 23%
-Improves combustion performance
-Improves heat transfer efficiency

Furnace & Burner Enrichment Applications include

  • Heating & electrode element manufacturers
  • Mold repair facilities (glass)
  • Machine shops
  • Quarries


The Goal at AirSep

  • to free users from dependence on gas companies, their price increases, & long term gas contracts
  • to help reduce the user’s oxygen expenses including delivery & demurrage charges
    to make late & missed deliveries & overstocking a thing of the past
  • to increase business efficiency


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AllerAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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