AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Plus Air Purifier with UV Dental Source Capture
Allergy Purifiers LLC offers only the highest rated, most effective
 HEPA Carbon Air Purifiers and Filters for Allergy Relief, MCS,
Asthma Relief, VOC, VIRUS, Chemical and Odor Removal.

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Rack Mounted

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We offer component rack systems available for custom installation for waste water treatment, pools, vans / trucks in the mold / smoke damage remediation business and all industrial applications of ozone. 

Rack mounted systems are commonly used in the water purification industry for wastewater treatment, drinking water bottling, food packaging / processing decontamination, vegetable rinsing, odor control, and more.

Ozone is now approved by the FDA for use in food packaging processing plants often for meat and vegetables (and other foods) for more thorough cleansing of fruits, vegetables, other fresh produce, and fish / meats.  Using ozone as a food disinfectant results in a much longer shelf life for most food items.

Advantages of our industrial component rack systems include:

-Unsurpassed warranty and service with 3 full years for the rack mounted line of equipment

-Modular components allow the system to be sized to your needs - not over-sized or under-sized.

-Expandability - with our rack systems, you are not limited to a particular output. Components can be combined to achieve outputs exceeding 34,000 Grams per hour of pure ozone. (34 million mghr.).

-Component systems can be moved or transported much more easily that large 400+ pound ozone systems

-If a service or maintenance issue were to arise, with components, you are not "out of business for repair", instead, only the capacity may temporarily be reduced for a maintenance issue.

-Space saving and installation versatility is maximized with a component system.  Components allow for custom installation options.

(Please Inquire - Custom Application 330-497-6900,



  • Reliability Rack Mounted products come with a three year warranty.

  • Highly Competitive Pricing for a wide range of 0.1 g/h to 10,000 g/h (500 lb./day) ozone output.

  • Professional, Engineering quality of Design, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

  • Meets and exceeds ISO9000 Standards.

  • Certified to CSA and ETL standards for use in the U.S.A. and Commonwealth Countries, and to European Standards, also to NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standards.

  • Decades long life-span expectancy, while easy to maintain and upgrade.

  • Exact modular sizing (you pay only for what you need), easy installation and access.

  • Uninterrupted operation in case of maintenance, stand-by backup.

  • Ability to interface with any hardware, process, or communication system.

  • Highest ranking ozone/space ratio on the market, thus these tightly integrated units require minimal housing space.

  • High energy efficiency, thus low energy consumption.


Other products available for water purification 

Rack Mounted Ultra Pure ozone generators with up to 725 g/hr that can be linked together to create 35,000 g/hr, air driers, mixing / off gas systems, foam fractionators, ozone destructors, venturi injectors, oxygen concentrators, ORP / ozone meters & controllers, back flow prevention, ozone ready ( resistant ) pumps, Teflon tubing, flow meters, and much more available. Everything you need to purify your water with ozone!!

Other higher output ozone generators.
Rack mounted ozone generators available in three configurations as well as air driers, racks, etc.
4, 8, 16 g/hr with dry air
8, 16, & 32 g/hr with oxygen

Oxygen Fed Portable Cart Ozone Systems

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AllerAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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The Ozone Generators offered on the o3ozone site are designed, manufactured and labeled for Industrial Use Only.

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