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Shock Treating using an Oxygen driven Ozone System:

1) Make sure tubes are connected from the oxygen output of the oxygen concentrator, to the ozone generator input, and the ozone tube from the output of the generator routed to the application being careful not to constrict or pinch-off the flow from the output. (there are seals in the ozone generator that can blow with too much pressure (some units as low as ±0.36bar (±5psi) max). The concentrator and ozone generator should be outside the room / area being treated, and should have a small fresh air flow/ ventilation (window open) into the room with the oxygen concentrator.

2) Attach the tube carefully to the top of a fan being sure not to restrict the flow. It is ideal to mix the ozone with the tube placed in front of the fan or moving air source. Some treatments can be accomplished by placing the ozone tube into an air intake of the air handling system of the whole house. If you are using a small chamber to ozonate small items with high concentration, the chamber should have an exhaust port equal in size to the input.

3) Plug the Oxygen concentrator plug into a 120 V grounded outlet. Plug in the ozone generator and make sure it is turned OFF.  (many of the ozone generator units will have a 120V plug receptacle on the unit.  The oxygen concentrator may be plugged into this receptacle.)

4) Turn off fish tank aeration (if you have one), and remove people, pets, and plants from the area to be treated. Make sure the area is sealed off so people or pets will not be exposed to concentrated ozone.  Post appropriate signs and lock doors where necessary.

5) Turn on the oxygen concentrator (only) while the volume control is in the closed position. Slowly open the volume control to the desired LPM setting (2.5 to 6 LPM for the V 8000 output rated at 5 LPM - can be set up to 6 or 7 LPM). Oxygen will reach full purity around 1 minute at which you can turn on the ozone generator and start the treatment. The output control (if supplied) of the ozone generator should be at the highest setting for shock treating (10).

6) When the treatment is done, first turn off the ozone generator (only), allowing oxygen to run through the machine and tubing for a minute to purge the ozone out of the system. After a minute, close the output valve of the concentrator while it is running, leave it running for a few more seconds in the closed position and then turn the oxygen concentrator off.

7) Allow enough time for the ozone to deplete before occupying the treatment area.  Time varies dependant on a couple factors.


It is hard to determine the specific depletion time because the ozone level will be affected by two factors:

1) Temperature:

  • ozone is depleted much more rapidly in high temperatures, than in low temperatures.

2) Level of contaminants:

  • if the amount of odors, bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants is high, more ozone will be needed for their eradication, and less time will often be needed for depletion.

After time is given for the ozone to deplete, windows and doors can be opened for ventilation to make sure.

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