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This is a repudiation and an effort to clean-up misrepresented information and unfair comparisons and business practices of the Air-zone® company.  The information on this website is provided without prejudice to Air-zone® or any parties / person directly or indirectly mentioned or referred to.  This information is displayed only in response to gross misrepresentations by Air-zone® about the products o3ozone offers and will be removed when the misrepresentations are removed.
Many potential customers do not have the time to research enough to uncover the facts, so we have provided answers through independent resources and proof where available

The excerpts are from the Air-zone® XT 2000 /4000 / 6000 user manual (product dated December, 2004)and the Air-zone® Website.  Many inconsistencies are found:


(1) In a recent Air-zone® owner's manual (December 2004),It says "Air-zone® will repair or replace the unit at our cost if a defect is determined to be from the manufacturing process." (in other words - it's a manufacturing defects warranty)

On the Air-zone® website;
"One company with a four year warranty states that they "warrant our ozone generators will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a four year period".

That is NOT a complete warranty. That is simply a manufacturing defect warranty.
THAT is a warranty with a MAJOR loophole!

Air-Zone® offers a COMPLETE two year parts and labor warranty.

If ANYTHING goes wrong with one of our units we will fix, or replace it with a brand new unit for free."
"Most warranties are for what are considered "manufacturing defects".
Our warranty covers our entire unit, no matter what happens to make it fail.*
Ours is a complete "product failure" warranty, NOT just a "manufacturing defects" warranty like most other companies offer."

"While some companies may claim there is no difference in our warranty and theirs why are they hesitant to say the words "COMPLETE PRODUCT WARRANTY" like we do?   That's because they ONLY offer a manufacturing defect warranty,  NOT a COMPLETE PRODUCT WARRANTY  like we do."

Also note that the elements are covered for 90 days - which is an inconsistency in wording of the Air-zone® online warranty (tries to hide it). 

(2) They also state that overheating due to dirty filters is not covered by their warranty, but the Air-zone® web site claims everything is covered.  In the manual: "If the filter is to become so dirty as to substantially restrict airflow, the unit can overheat and burnout.  Your warrantee does not cover this, so keep the filter clean."


(3) Note that the cleaning process takes over night and that "If there is any water left in the elements the transformer will blow out"


(4) "The corona elements inside may eventually blow out"


(5) Also note that the Air-zone® unit has only 5 output "levels" that do not actually adjust the level or concentration of ozone produced yet Air-zone® claims on their website that output adjustment is the most important thing for an ozone generator.


(6) The controls operation is confusing and there is a note of a possible malfunction to happen with this statement:
"If the unit is not running the unit will only come on the last level it was set on even though the knob may have been moved to a higher position.  If the timer seems to be malfunctioning unplug the unit for 10 minutes and start over, only adjusting the ozone level control when the unit is actually running."


The bottom line is one can find many inconsistencies between the Air-zone® owners manual, and what is displayed on the Air-zone® website.  We have also noticed inconsistent specifications - the XT 6000 specifications are different in the manual than reported on the website, and yet different again on the label of the unit. 


(7) Not pertaining to the manual, Air-zone® publishes the following information on the website which misleads the reader about where their products are made.  It is known that the Air-zone® Ozone Generators are manufactured by the Xetin Brothers in Taiwan.  But statements on their website reads:
"Be sure and ask a seller, what country your product is being shipped from. 
Because the company that ships the product is responsible for the warranty, NOT the United States dealer you buy it from.

Air-Zone® ships our products from here in the United States. These are our exclusive products. We designed and engineered them."


"Air-Zone® is a direct ozone generator designer/manufacturer/seller, not just a dealer like most ozone sellers." 

(8) One of the more serious misrepresentations the Air-zone® company uses as a selling scam is the misrepresentation of the patents for their elements - claiming their elements do not produce Nitrogen Oxide / Nitric Acid and turning this into an over-blown "fear factor".  Air-zone® claims the patents are for zero nitrogen oxides.  The actual patents are for reducing noise of the corona process in all of the units except for the 2 stainless steel units.  The 2 stainless units have a patent for increasing the corona process but not for reducing or eliminating Nitrogen Oxide / Nitric Acid production.  It is known that Air-zone® units produce average levels of nitric acid.


Do your own research on their claimed patent "Xetin" through the U.S. Government Patent search here:  (search the claimed patent "Xetin")  You will find the patent is for reducing noise (not for zero nitrogen oxide output as claimed), and who owns it. (the Xetin Bros. in Taiwan)


We are learning that Air-zone® outputs are significantly misrepresented as the XT 4000 unit is estimated to put out approx. 1300mghr when it is rated at 4000mghr.  The XT 6000 has been tested with this pattern of low output.  We suspect all of the air-zone® units to put out less than half of their rated output - even one third seems more realistic.



The information or any images on this page and on our website are presented and provided without prejudice to Air-zone® or any of the competitors / parties / person directly or indirectly mentioned or referred to.  These will be removed as soon as it is known that the misrepresentations of the products o3ozone offers are removed by the offending party. 

None of the manufacturers that o3ozone represents neither supports or has taken part in creating the above information with the exception of Crystal Air Marketing, the manufacturer of the ozone generator equipment in direct competition with Air-zone®.

Any reference obtained from this site to a specific company, commercial product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by neither or any company represented on the website.

General Policy:

Any person is hereby authorized to: a) store documentation on a single computer for personal use only and b) print copies of documentation for personal use provided that the documentation contains's copyright notice.

Third Party Companies and Products
Mention of third-party products, companies and web sites on the's Web site is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance or use of these products or vendors. provides this only as a convenience to their users. makes no representations regarding the safety, or suitability of any product offered. There are dangers inherent in the use of ozone producing equipment and assumes no responsibility with regard to the use or misuse of these products. Make sure that you completely understand the risks and how to avoid them before using ozone producing products.

Links to Other Web Sites makes no representation whatsoever regarding the content of any other web sites which you may access from the's Web site. When you access a non-'s web site, please understand that it is independent from and that has no control over the content on that web site. A link to a non-'s web site does not mean that endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of such web site.

Thank you for viewing the website!










All information on the o3ozone; Allergy Purifiers LLC web site is protected by international copyright law. No part of o3ozone's web site may be copied or
 reproduced without written consent from Allergy Purifiers LLC; o3ozone.  All rights reserved, Dave Lowen, Doug Bracken &
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IQAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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