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An Ozone Generator is the most effective odor removal tool available.

Ozone Shock Treatments Kill Mold, Germs & Odors Permanently.

Even in water, Ozone is 3187 times more effective than chlorine as a germicide!

Ozone is an exceptionally powerful oxidizer for commercial air, & water treatment.

Ozone is used extensively in Environmental Remediation and the Food Packaging Industry.

From skunk odor to mold, smoke, bacteria, waste, chemical odors, ozone is the most powerful solution.

Top name brand air purifiers use small amounts of ozone to purify air.  Most that have used the ionic breeze type purifiers (approx. 10-15mghr ozone output) understand the limited ability of ionic breeze air purifiers at reducing strong odors.  In addition, using an ozone air purifier which does not have adequate ozone output will result in incomplete shock treatments, sometimes leaving contaminants and gasses that would have been oxidized with enough ozone.  A high power ozone generator matched to the ozone treatment area is required for effective results.  It is important to differentiate between an ozone air purifier designed for air purification, and a high power ozone generator designed for ozone shock treatment.  Many ozone air purifier products are sold for remediation uses that have little ability to perform an actual shock treatment.

o3ozone ozone generators can sterilize surfaces and purify air with shock treatments; eliminate odor sources with oxidation. To KILL MOLD, sterilize surfaces, it is necessary to choose the correct sized ozone generator.  Call us at 330-497-6900 or see our Selection Page to view approx. coverage ability of each ozone generator.  Ozone generators are rated for 3 levels of ability; air purification use, mild shock treatment, and commercial shock treatment.

Ozone is able to permanently kill odors, mold and germs by oxidizing the source of the contamination.

Ozone Generators main uses:

OZONE Removes SMOKE & ODORS, and Kills Virus, Bacteria or Mold Contaminants.

Eliminate Hotel, Restaurant & BAR ODORS, Chemical fumes,
Cigarette SMOKE, Basement MOLD, Auto, PET and even SKUNK ODORS!

We only recommend un-occupied Shock Treatment use.





  • ozone shock treatment

  • water damage MOLD remediation

  • fire smoke remediation

  • allergy air purifier with shock treatments

  • remove odor

  • control smoke

  • kill mold

  • kill allergens

  • dust mites

  • deodorizer

  • protein decomposition; crime death scene cleanup

  • commercial ozone purification

  • hotel motel

  • second hand smoke odor

  • control fungus

  • remove smells from a musty home

  • household odor

  • Skunk odor

  • mildew odors

  • fresh air remove cigar smoke odor

  • Kill black mold

  • auto restoration

  • chemical fumes

  • cigarette smoke

  • produce fresh clean air through the oxidation process

  • boat bilge odor

  • cooking odors

  • deodorizer for any odor

  • pollution fumes

  • kill germs

And many more!

Ozone Generators are known by the professional fire, flood restoration industry, crime scene / death scene clean up industry as highly effective tools to safely, permanently remove fire, mold, smoke damage, biological odors dead animal odors and more.  See References page to view an endorsement by AMDECON, Inc. Training Center, a crime scene / death scene clean up / bio-recovery training center.

See the Ozone Safety page.

Ozone has a sweet clean smell like after a lightning storm. Turn your living space or business into a long-lasting clean, fresh, and odor-free environment!

Cigarette smoke can be deodorized easily by short shock treatments with ozone. An ozone generator will turn hotel smoking rooms or rental cars that smell like smoke into non smoking rooms or cars in about 30-60 minutes with a small ozone generator.

If you have cat or dog odors from urine in carpet, etc., o3ozone has the most complete solution available. C20 deodorizer and an ozone generator will totally eliminate the odor in your home for good. An ozone generator & C20 can rid your home of pet odors.


OZONE Generators are a powerful means to eliminate SMOKE, REMOVE ODORS, BACTERIA, & MOLD!


Why are UV ozone generators a better choice than corona discharge ozone generators?

(For all air or surface sterilization Shock treatment applications such as MOLD, Smoke, Fire odors, musty smells, flood odor, protein decomposition odor, germ and virus remediation, etc.)

The Biggest difference between corona discharge and UV ozone generation methods is that UV ozone generators have stable ozone output levels throughout humidity ranges, while the output of corona discharge ozone generators is significantly reduced by just moderate humidity levels such as 4070% (ozone output is reduced by approx. 40-70% with 40-70% humidity). In addition, with UV ozone generators, the cleaning requirement is almost eliminated compared to corona discharge ozone generators. Also, the ozone produced from a UV ozone generator is cleaner (no nitric acids) and smells better than ozone produced from corona discharge machines, and is just as powerful and often more powerful as ozone produced by corona discharge ozone generators.
UV ozone generators include UV PRO 550, UV PRO 550AT, UV PRO 1100AT, UV PRO 2800, UV PRO 4000, and UV PRO 6800

If you need an ozone generator with adjustable ozone output, two new models, the UV PRO 550AT or UV PRO 1100AT are ideal.  The "AT" stands for Adjustable with 48 hour Timer.  These models produce the cleanest and sweetest ozone ever possible - adjustable down to very low levels or high levels for shock treatments and are much more dependable than corona models on the market!  Please call 330-497-6900 for information or to purchase.


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AllerAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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The Ozone Generators offered on the o3ozone site are designed, manufactured and labeled for Industrial Use Only.

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