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The above is a well known article. recommends an ozone generator be used in the shock treatment manner. Also, it is recommended that only commercial, professional or a person that is "ozone use educated" use an ozone generator.

Ozone's effectiveness is well known with protein decomposition, mold, odor and fire remediation industries as well as for other applications such as industrial, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, and food industries/ applications.

While ozone is controversial for air purification use, it is not controversial for shock treatment use. The same article also states:

"High concentrations of ozone in air, when people are not present, are sometimes used to help decontaminate an unoccupied space from certain chemical or biological contaminants or odors (e.g., fire restoration)."

and in a revised article:

"The concentration of ozone would have to greatly exceed health standards to be effective in removing most indoor air contaminants."

Both of the above statements from the EPA indicate that ozone is used in chemical, biological, odor decontamination, fire remediation and restoration.  Many ozone decontamination uses such as mold remediation are valid and widely used by professionals in the restoration / decontamination profession.  Ozone is even used in the crime scene/ death scene industry (Protein Decomposition) for residual biological and odor remediation / removal.

After reading the article, note that new electrical wire coatings can only shown damage when ozone is used for significantly more time with many times the concentration of ozone that would be present in a normal air shock treatment.  Newer wire coatings are specified by building codes to have passed specific tests, at least one of which is for ozone deterioration resistance (oxidation). (keep in mind that nearly all deterioration in nature is a product of oxidation form ozone).  If you live in a very old home, there is a good chance that the wire coatings have started to deteriorate or oxidized, and in some cases the wire coatings have already completely deteriorated.

Ozone in high concentration is used in laboratory settings to test materials. Levels of ozone between 10% and 19.8% (max possible ozone concentration from a liquid nitrogen cooled ozone generator requiring 99.9% pure oxygen feed- the most efficient ozone system available) are nothing short of toxic.
The most expensive and powerful systems we sell can only achieve 11% pure ozone. Note that 11% is an extreme amount of ozone. The industrial line is not purchased by average consumers, but is intended for municipal wastewater treatment plants and laboratories. Even the PRO 10,000 commercial ozone generator is probably only capable of a few tenths of a percent of ozone concentration - which is still extremely high and not recommended for use as an air purifier in a residential setting.
This is why ozone measurement in an atmosphere is measured in PPM (parts per million).

While ozone is far more powerful than oxygen, for comparison, note that the MSDS for oxygen shows that oxygen is toxic at high concentrations for extended periods of time and can even cause brain damage / death. The following was taken from an MSDS for oxygen:

"Prolonged inhalation of high oxygen concentrations (> 75%) may affect coordination, attention, and cause tiredness or respiratory irritation. Inhalation for several hours may cause cough, sore throat, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Oxygen is more toxic when inhaled at elevated pressures. Depending upon pressure and duration of exposure,
pure oxygen at elevated pressures (i.e.: divers) may cause cramps, dizziness, difficulty breathing, convulsions,
edema, and death.

Elevated oxygen concentrations in incubators has caused visual impairment and blindness in premature infants. High oxygen concentrations primarily affect eyes which are not fully developed"


Here is an article which has contrast and shows the other side of the story:

Air Purification Instructions are also recommended reading if you intend to use an ozone generator
as an air purifier.


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