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Water Purification Uses and Water Purification Equipment

Units designed for treating both air and water.

Ozone is commonly being used In Water For:

Spas, Hot Tubs, pools, Laundry facilities, (including some Hospital & Hotel laundry facilities), Water Bottling Facilities (most popular brand name bottling companies already use ozone as it is very effective and leaves no residue.), and Waste-water treatment plants. There are approx. 350 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants using ozone as their primary means of disinfection. Wastewater Treatment is a rapidly growing sector of the ozone industry

Ozone Water Treatment Technical Reference

"Ozone is frequently used by the drinking water industry for disinfection, destruction of synthetic organic chemicals, and removal of taste, odor, color, and dissolved iron and manganese.  Ozone treatment can also decrease formation of trihalomethanes (THM) and other disinfection by-products (DBPs) while improving flocculation.  The use of ozone in recent years has increased in order to meet the more stringent disinfectant and disinfection by-product (D/DBP) regulations.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), up to 30% of large surface water utilities will need to incorporate Ozonation in their water treatment processes in order to comply with the D/DBP rule proposed by the USEPA."


Ozone works 3180+ times quicker and more effectively than chlorine as a germicide.
Ozone is the one of the most powerful oxidants available for commercial air, & water treatment.

Information about Proper Ozone Water Treatment and the consumer market:

While both air & water are effectively treated with ozone, the equipment used is significantly different for effectiveness.

Units sold on the market designed to treat both air and water with the same unit ineffective results.  While able to effectively treat air, most of these inexpensive units ($100.00 - 500.00) will not kill the germs in water.  If there is enough ozone being used, yes the germs will be killed, but the residual ozone emitted at the top of the water is so strong, it will nearly choke anyone in the room where the water is treated, and nitric acid production will be high - often discoloring the water yellow, unless a heated desiccant air drier or oxygen feed gas is used .  This is why oxygen, air driers, and off-gas systems are used for proper water treatment.


Notes on Ozone and Water Treatment:

The only proper way for disinfecting water effectively involves testing for bacteria and other microbe content or other contamination. With careful lab analysis, a chemist / microbiologist will match the types and amounts of microbes and contamination to the amount of ozone needed to kill each type of contamination to determine the amount of ozone needed and the time required for the treatment. Any other procedure to purify drinking water with ozone is not recommended.

Some companies will sell ozone water purification equipment "grossly undersized" or with inaccurate claims as to the capacity for proper microbial disinfection or sterilization.  Sometimes easy to spot, these low priced ozone units (approx. $100.00 to $400.00) will not disinfect liquids or may have adverse effects.

Note that a properly built quality ozone system for the average size hot-tub will usually exceed $1,000.00 if not more than $2,000.00. If a corona discharge ozone water purification system (the only effective means of sterilizing in large bodies of water) does not include an air-drier, or is not used with oxygen as the feed gas instead of ambient air, or the system does not use an off-gas system, the system is considered improper and is not recommended for drinking water or spa uses. 

Using oxygen, or an air-drier will also eliminate maintenance or keep it to the minimum.  Off-gas systems simply remove the excess unused ozone gas (there will always be excess gas that is not fully mixed into the water - even if the system is severely undersized) which eliminates gas over-exposure for occupants and also greatly reduces the oxidizing ozone from the air around a Hot Tub Spa or Pool.

High-concentration, low-flow corona discharge systems are often the only answer for treating water because residual ozone must remain in the water for a period of time.  For air and surface sterilization, UV ozone generators produce more than enough ozone for shock treatment needs for killing germs and mold, but for many water applications, UV water ozone systems, can not provide enough ozone concentration to be injected into the water for proper sterilization.

We offer ozone generating equipment for all of the above mentioned uses including wastewater treatment plants.  We can provide a quote or source for any of these individual applications with highly competitive rates.


CLICK HERE for equipment suitable for industrial air and water treatment.

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