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AirSep Oxygen Generators
o3ozone Oxygen & Ozone Systems provides industry maximum discount rates for AirSep Oxygen Generators in competitive environments. Gaining new business and or servicing current needs for parts and service is very important to us as well as our customers. We will always maintain timely communications and quick resolution for parts and service of the systems we offer.  We compete with any competitor price for new equipment.  Please email with specifications / requirements for any sized industrial oxygen system along with your contact information / phone number and we will provide a detailed quote.  Specifications for many models are listed below.

Typical Applications:

  • o3 Ozone Generator Feed Gas
  • Oxygen Therapy - Oxygen Bars
  • Fish Farming, Fish Hatchery
  • Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Soldering
  • Glass Work-Mfg.-Blowing, Enamel
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste/Water Treatment
  • Aquaculture
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Thermal Applications
  • Cylinder Filling Plants

  • Oxidative Processes
  • Chemical Processing
  • Thermal/Chemical Oxidation
  • Oxygen for Metallurgical Production
  • Arc Furnaces
  • Cupola Furnaces
  • Forging Furnaces
  • Holding Furnaces
  • Sulfur recovery
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Production
  • Dissolved Oxygen Applications
  • Liquid Oxygen o2 Supply Plants

  • Features:

  • Produces Oxygen from Compressed Air
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Automatic Unattended Operation
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Reliable with Little maintenance
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Safer than handling liquid oxygen

    Standard Generators:

    Fully automatic, they require no specialized operating personnel. Simply connect an air compressor or shop air supply to the generator and your oxygen distribution system to the generator's oxygen receiver. Then connect the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet, turn the unit on, and set your oxygen delivery pressure. A simple on/off switch supplies oxygen whenever you need it!  AS-N and larger AirSep oxygen systems come standard with industry leading Allen Bradley Touch Screen control panels for ease of operation and dependability.

    Self-Contained Generators:

    AirSep manufacturer offers completely self-contained oxygen generators. Equipped with air compressors, these generators require no special installation.  Simply connect the oxygen outlet to your oxygen distribution system and the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet. Turn the unit on and set your oxygen delivery pressure.  The AS-12 is ideal for use where oxygen at relatively low pressures are needed. It supplies sufficient oxygen for ozone generation, jewelry manufacturing, glass work, and various brazing applications.  In comparison, the RELIANT is ideal for use in applications that require oxygen pressures of 12-50 psig (85-345 kPa).*

    Skid-mounted, turnkey packaged oxygen systems:

    Skid-mounted, turnkey packaged oxygen systems are ideal for locations where a compressed air supply is limited or unavailable.

    AirSep PSA/VPSA Tonnage Oxygen Systems 

    PSA or VPSA Systems that generate more then 5 tonne/day of oxygen and can not be shipped fully assembled are classified as a tonnage system*

    * 5 tonne/day or less capacity systems are shipped fully assembled and are part of AirSep’s standard product line.

    Onyx Generator: 10-12 SCFH, 1-10 Liters Per Minute, or the ONYX+ Generator: 17 SCFH at 90+% purity.  Portable with casters installed from the factory.  These are the basic units for Oxygen Bars and many ozone generators.  Sale prices on all Oxygen Equipment!
    AS-12A HIGH PRESSURE Generator:  12 SCFH, 0 to 15 psig.  
    Dual AS-12A PSA Generator Package:  24 SCFH, 0 to 18 psig.
    Centrox PSA Concentrator:  15 LPM, 0-50 psig.
    RELIANT:  Ideal for use in applications requiring pressures of 12-50 psig (85-345 kPa).*

    Need help with specifications?  See the Oxygen Unit Conversion Calculator

    Self Contained TOPAZ Oxygen Generator Models:

    Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Concentrator Model or Part Oxygen Flow (SCFH) Max Pressure (psig) o3ozone Price
    110-120 volt (USA)
    AS013-105 12 9 1799.00
    220, 60 HZ (USA)
    AS013-107 12 20 1832.00
    Topaz+ AS018-101 17 20 2799.00
    Topaz Ultra AS123-7 21 20 3199.00



    Model A

    O2 Output B
    SCFH Max.

    O2 Output

    O2 Output
    Cyl. Equiv.*

    O2 Output
    Del. Pres.

    Air Req'd
    SCFM **

    Air Req'd

    # of HokeDTips

    9 psig
    20 psig

    AS-12 TOPAZ

    9 psig
    15 psig
    18 psig


    50 psig
    50 psig


    AirSep Standard Series Oxygen Generators:

    Oxygen Output Generator Characteristics
    Flow Range
    Product Pressure
    Product Purity Dimensions
    (l x w x h)
    Min Max psig   in. lbs.
    AS-A 10 25 65 93% Nominal 13 x 11 x 57 140
    AS-B 30 55 65 93% Nominal 17 x 15 x 58 246
    AS-D 65 90 65 93% Nominal 16 x 20 x 60 361
    AS-E 95 195 65 93% Nominal 33 x 26 x 68 770
    AS-G 200 320 65 93% Nominal 36 x 28 x 75 1,030
    AS-J 400 600 65 93% Nominal 34 x 42 x 79 1,660
    AS-K 600 950 65 93% Nominal 58 x 38 x 91 2,690
    AS-L 1000 1400 65 93% Nominal 62 x 40 x 100 3,215
    AS-N 1450 1900 65 93% Nominal 82 x 59 x 115 6,419
    AS-Q 2000 2700 65 93% Nominal 82 x 60 x 140 8,820
    AS-R 2800 3700 65 93% Nominal 87 x 72 x 157 13,700
    AS-Z 3800 5000 65 93% Nominal 87 x 72 x 197 16,100
    All generators are available in 120VAC or 220 VAC.    
    All generators produce oxygen with a dew point of -100F(-73C).  
    SCF (Standard cubic foot) gas measured at 1 atmosphere, 70F.  


    We offer a wide variety of PSA oxygen systems and larger equipment plants for virtually any oxygen generation need or application - from 4 to 70,000 Standard Cubic Feet per Hour (SCFH). Please inquire at or call 330-497-6900 if you do not see the model or output you are looking for.

    * Based on "K" size cylinder (244 cf) approximately 40 hour week operating time.
    ** Air required @ 90 psig.
    *** Air Compressor Horse Power listed are approximate ratings.
    A -Available in 120 VAC/60 Hz  or 220 VAC/50 Hz. (with the exception of the DAS12A - 120 Volt only)
    -A 60 gallon oxygen receiver weighing 145 lb (65.8 kg) is shipped separately with the AS-20 thru AS-160.
    -A 120 gallon oxygen receiver weighing 275 lb (124.7 kg) is shipped separately with the AS-250 thru AS-450.
    B All models generate up to 95% pure oxygen with a dew point  of  -100 F (-73 C).
    C SCF (standard cubic foot) gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70 F. Nm3 (normal cubic meter) gas  measured at 1 atmosphere  and 0 C.
    D Hoke Torches & Tips are for precision metal melting as well as soldering, brazing and welding.

    CLICK HERE! to Learn How PSA Works - "Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen"

    AirSep PSA Oxygen Systems & Characteristics:

    Standard and Custom Designs - Systems meet customers' application requirements.
    Quality-Assured - Fabricated in accordance with all relevant codes (eg. ASME, ANSI, CSA, CRN, NEMA, NYCFD).
    Engineering Excellence - AirSep engineers instrumental in early PSA oxygen research. AirSep leads current PSA technology development and refinement. Over 50 patents held worldwide.
    Energy-Efficient - World's most energy-efficient two-bed PSA oxygen process. Generates oxygen on site at less than half the cost of purchased oxygen.
    Safe - Low pressure operation. Eliminates hazardous handling and storage of purchased liquid or high pressure oxygen.
    Reliable - Built for years of continuous, trouble-free operation. Eliminates irregular deliveries of purchased oxygen.
    Fully Automatic - Microprocessor-controlled for unattended operation.
    Practically Maintenance-Free - Regular maintenance is limited to normal air compressor upkeep and periodic replacement of oxygen generator filter element(s).


    Need help with specifications?  See the Oxygen Unit Conversion Calculator

  • Commercial & Home Ozone Machines, Generators & Related Products.

    Ultra-Pure Ozone Generators that run on oxygen or with air driers

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