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UV Ozone Generators:
UV PRO 550 Ozone Generator
UV PRO 1100 Ozone Generator
UV PRO 2800 Ozone Generator
UV PRO 4000 Ozone Generator
UV PRO 6800 Ozone Generator

Brand new 700 Mg./hr OZONE GENERATOR. Model # PRO 700

Rated Treatment Area:
3,000 sq. ft. Air Purification
950 sq. ft. Mild Shock Treatments
450 sq. ft. Commercial Shock

  • Ozone Output 700mg/hr
  • Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge
  • On off rocker switch.
  • Fully variable control for ozone output. From approx. 20 mg/hr to 700 mg/hr.
  • Half Power switch for smaller spaces - cuts output in half!*
  • Supply Gas: Ambient Air
  • 34 cfm FAN (perfect size for this unit)
  • Cleanable and replaceable air intake filter
  • Construction: Stainless steel inner chassis with a high impact extruded PVC cabinet.
  • Externally fused
  • Power Source 120 Volt, .2 Amp, 25 Watt, 50/60Hz OR (240 Volt upon request)
  • Dimension 6.5" H X 5.75" W X 11.5"L.  Shipping box size 8" H X 6" W X 16" L
  • Net Weight 5.9 LB, shipping weight 6.9 LB



    The PRO 700 Ozone Generator has been replaced with a new design / model having even greater ozone output and less maintenance.  The new DC PRO 970.  The DC PRO 970 is only $399.00

    Please click this link for details, specifications, or to order.



    **NOTE: Agreement of the ozone safety page and o3ozone return policy is required for the purchase of an ozone generator.

    *New model design adds circuit board control of output control to give true full variable control, eliminating the need for the half power switch.  New design is currently shipping as of Dec. 1st, 2005.

    No other ozone generator company stands behind their product as long!

    The PRO 700 is adjustable from 10mg/hr all the way up to 700mg/hr. This adjustability makes this machine suitable for air-purifying (only low levels are needed), or shock treatments (higher levels) for killing germs. This ozone generator also produces negative ions like an ion generator, however, this is much more functional than a simple ionizer as ozone has germ killing action.

    Excellent choice for residential / small business large area air-purification, & odor removal needs. Suitable for "shock treatments" of most household sized rooms, and basements. Capable of medium - large sized room shock treatments!

    We offer Industrial Grade High Output PROFESSIONAL units, and DUAL USE HOME units. All have variable output control designed for both air-purifying (only low levels are needed), or "shock treatments" (high levels) to kill strong odors (& pet odors), bacteria, and MOLD, and for decontamination.



    *New model design adds circuit board control of output control to give true full variable control, eliminating the need for the half power switch.  New design is currently shipping as of Dec. 1st, 2005.  (Picture shows older design that still needed the half power switch).

    CLICK HERE! for information about Cleaning and Maintenance.

    Also see the new! fully adjustable HVAC UV 560 Duct mounted ozone generator air purifier.


    Units are available with various outputs UV PRO 550, 700, 1,000, 1,908, 2,600, 3,600, 5,000, UV PRO 2800, 9,000 mg/hr, and UV PRO 4000.  Some of these units can be upgraded for higher outputs. 

    UV PRO 550, PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, PRO 3600 V1, PRO 3600 V5, PRO 5000 V, 9,000 mg/hr, UV PRO 2800UV PRO 4000 or 0302-8000

    PRO 700, PRO 3400 V1, UV PRO 550, PRO 3400 V3, PRO 3400 V5, CA 45-2, PRO 3600 V1, or PRO 3600 V5

    Ultra-Pure Laboratory Equipment, Materials Research or Water / Liquid Disinfection:
    V 8000, S 4000, (many more choices available on the Ultra Pure Products page).


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    IQAir HEPA Carbon Air Filter Allergy Purifies for Asthma MCS, VOC, Odors, Hospitals, clean rooms, dental offices, and anywhere the maximum degree of filtration is required. offers a large selection of purification products.

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    Guaranteed Lowest Price!

    SELECT AN OZONE GENERATOR for MOLD, Smoke, ODOR Remediation and Decontamination

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